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Student Auditions

Any member of the Emory community is welcome to audition for Theater Emory productions. A major or minor in Theater Studies is not required.

Performers of all abilities, gender identities, ages, ethnic and racial histories, and socio-economic backgrounds are encouraged to attend.

2022-2023 Season

Theater Emory 2022-2023 Season

Thank you to all who auditioned for Theater Emory’s Fall 2022 projects!

Auditions for Spring Productions will take place Nov. 12 & 13, 2022. Check back to this page in mid-October for updates and additional information.


The Park: an expressionist fable by Caitlin Hargraves

Production: Sept. 29-Oct. 2, 2022

Director: Caitlin Hargraves

First rehearsal: Aug. 30, 2022

Performances: Sept. 29 – Oct. 2, 2022 at 6:30 pm.; Oct. 1 &2 at 2 pm.

Location/venue: Outdoors at the Campus Life Pavilion on Emory’s Atlanta campus.  

Overview/description: The Park: an expressionist fable, a site-specific devised work created by faculty member Caitlin Hargraves in collaboration with Emory students.  The piece is inspired by a Frank Wedekind novella, "Mine HaHa: Or on the Bodily Education of Young Girls," and will incorporate the movement and musical talents of the cast. A dash of pageant wagon in an expressionist nightmare, The Park follows seven young women as they navigate their creative yet restrictive and mysterious education. Directed by Caitlin Hargraves.  

Cast Size: 8 student actors. 

Seeking: Female and non-binary identifying performers of all abilities, ages, ethnic and racial histories, and socio-economic backgrounds. The role of the mother can be any gender identity.

Character Breakdown: 

  • MOTHER: the voice of regulation, never seen only heard 
  • BLANKA/AMALIE: Blanka is the oldest in the house. Assertive, a rule follower, but kind and empathetic. Enjoys her role as house-care-taker for the younger girls. Amalie is prim, proper, the essence of control- but so very interested in watching reckless behavior. 
  • GERTRUDE/BETTY: Gertrude is the second in command. Impulsive and as a result a bit selfish. A talented musician and therefore very self-assured. Betty is confident and looks up to Filissa.  
  • IRENE/VERA: Irene is the kindest, most humble, and talented girl out of the whole group. Envied by all but never out of malice since she is also loved by all. A skilled pacifist. Vera is the darling, reminding all of their beloved Irene. 
  • HIDALLA: Curious to her core, which by the standards of the park makes her a trouble maker. The most intelligent and eager. 
  • SELMA: Simple and precise, appreciates order. Does not see the point in vanity or excess, clashes with Hidalla but adores Lora. 
  • LORA: The opposite of Selma in every way, yet they remain close. Beautiful without trying (and she knows it) the most skilled dancer. Epitome of Grace. 
  • FILISSA: Rambunctious, loves adventure- rough around the edges in that something is always slightly out of place. 

EMOS Production: Transmissions in Advance of the Second Great Dying by Jessica Huang

Production: October 27-Nov. 6, 2022

Director: Melissa Foulger

First rehearsal: Sept. 27, 2022

Performances: Oct. 27, 28, 29, 30 and Nov. 2, 3, 4, & 5 at 7:30 pm; Oct. 31 & Nov. 6 at 5 pm.

Location/venue: Mary Gray Munroe Theater, AMUC

Overview/Description: Transmissions in Advance of the Second Great Dying tells an epic tale of grief and global warming through the intersecting lives of Earth’s human and non-human inhabitants in 2045. Katrina and her unborn baby head north in search of snow; Hugo seeks purpose in a world without resources; and after a series of unnatural events, recently widowed Carla is swept into a cosmic relationship with an ageless being that challenges her understanding of time and extinction. Together with a young lynx and a swarm of locusts, their journeys become transmissions of hope and loss against the backdrop of planetary collapse.  

Cast Size: 6 actors, plus a live percussionist. We expect 2-3 pro actors plus a professional percussionist to join this company, but will consider students for all roles. Doubling of roles as set in the script is as follows: ANDREW/SANDY, INEZ/MARIA, HUGO/BOB

Seeking: Performers of all abilities, gender identities, ages, ethnic and racial histories, socio-economic backgrounds, and bi/multi-lingual folks.

Character Breakdown:

  • CARLA: Woman. Mixed-race Filipina Minnesotan. 40 
  • BEING: Man. Monoracial Person of Color Planetary Being. Ageless 
  • ANDREW: Man. Monoracial Caucasian Minnesotan. 50s. (this actor also plays SANDY) 
  • KATRINA: Woman. Mixed-race Eastern European/Black Minnesotan. 20 
  • HUGO: Man. Mixed-race Black or Latino Minnesotan. 25 (this actor also plays BOB) 
  • BOB: Male Lynx. Young. A puppet. (played by actor doing HUGO) 
  • INEZ: Woman. Mixed Race Minnesotan. 40s. (this actor also plays MARIA) 
  • SANDY: Man. Monoracial Scandinavian Minnesotan. 50s (played by actor doing ANDREW) 
  • MARIA: Woman. Mixed Race Minnesotan. Mid-late 20s. (played by actor doing INEZ) 

EMOS Reading: An American Animal by Katherine Gwynn

Staged Reading: Nov. 5, 2022

Director: Addae Moon 

First rehearsal: Oct. 31, 2022

Performances: Nov. 5 at 2 pm

Location/venue: Theater Lab, Schwartz Center

Overview/Description: Chloe is a black girl who wants to be a wolf biologist when she grows up. Willa is a trans girl who’s trying to learn guitar to pass the time in Wyoming. Paz is a forest ranger, a woman who’s been watching the wolves for decades. The Hunter is a white man who wants to kill a wolf. And Jack is a jackalope who tries not to get shot. All five of them spend a summer in and around Yellowstone, watching the wolves, waiting with bated breath until summer ends and the wolf hunting season begins. 

A play about loneliness, survival, fear, and connection in America. 

Cast Size: 6-7+ actors. We expect 1-2 pro actors to join this company, but will consider students for all roles.

Seeking: Performers of all abilities, gender identities, ages, ethnic and racial histories, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Character Breakdown:

  • JACK: They/Them. A jackalope. A strong musician. Wears a cowboy hat when it suits them. Any age/ageless.  
  • PAZ: Sher/Her. Mexican-American Yellowstone ranger. Butch lesbian. Quiet. Knows the wolves better than her own flesh. 40s-50s.
  • CHLOE: Sher/Her. Black girl. Gushing, in a cup spilling over way. 16 years old. 
  • WILLA: Sher/Her. White trans girl. Thrumming, in a preparing to burst way. 16 years old. 
  • THE HUNTER: He/Him. A hunter. A white man. Is obsessed with Walt Whitman and Teddy Roosevelt. 20s-30s.
  • THE WOLVES: They are maybe people, maybe puppets, maybe sculptures made of wood. They are three dimensional. 

Emos Reading: Bloom Bloom Pow by Genevieve Simon

Staged Reading: Nov. 6, 2022

Director: Wanyu Yang

First rehearsal: Nov. 1, 2022

Performances: Nov. 6 at 2 pm

Location/venue: Theater Lab, Schwartz Center

Overview/Description: A climate-doom-comedy. 

Mag feels stuck in their small Midwestern hometown, facing an underwhelming queer scene and an overwhelming mother. Beneath the office politics and interpersonal struggles on their daily life, a terrifying ancient being rises from the depth of The Lake to take its rightful place. Featuring a diverse cast of organisms (human, aquatic, dead horse), Bloom Bloom Pow explores what it means to be alive in the face of impending climate doom and asks who will inherit the Earth after we have self-destructed (things are looking good for algae.) 

Cast Size:  Double/triple-cast with 7-8 actors. The only role that must not be doubled with anyone else is MAG. We expect 2-3 pro actors to join this company, but will consider students for all roles. 

Seeking: Performers of all abilities, gender identities, ages, ethnic and racial histories, and socio-economic backgrounds. 

Character Breakdown: 

  • MAG: (they/them) Any ethnicity. 20s, trying as hard as possible to just “be fine.” The actor must identify as non-binary in the role for this role.  
  • MOM: (she/her) Any ethnicity. Mag’s mom.
  • DAD: (he/him) Any ethnicity. Mag’s dad.
  • ALICE: (she/her/they/them) 20s-30s, BIPOC, new in town, someone Mag likes.
  • FLOYD: (he/him) 20s, any ethnicity but preferably not white. A townie, son of a farmer, grew up with Mag.
  • OSCAR: (he/him) 20s-40s, any ethnicity. Works in curatorial, knows some weird facts, gets easily worked up. 
  • FRANCES: (she/her) 40s, any ethnicity. Works in education, the self-appointed Mother Hen of the workplace.
  • KEKE: (she/her) 20s, any ethnicity. Works in education, never embarrassed, always manages to be correct.
  • CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON: Non-human, carries a warning; elegant and trustworthy, also appears as a GYNECOLOGIST and BARISTA.
  • CYANOBACTERIA , or ALGAE: Non-human, a toddler demon diva. Having a GREAT time, absolutely delighted with its strength, wholly unconcerned with humans, on the cusp of something big.
  • DEAD HORSE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE EAST RIVER, CIRCA 1832: Non-human, the audience’s guide: blunt, charming, a know-it-all, very dead.  
  • LAKE ERIE: Non-human, has an increasingly bad cough.  
  • LAKE MICHIGAN: Non-human, vain and insecure.
  • LAKE HURON: Non-human, likes to take charge. 
  • LAKE ONTARIO: Non-human, constantly left out of the group.
  • LAKE SUPERIOR: Non-human, speaks for itself.