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Student Auditions

Any member of the Emory community is welcome to audition for Theater Emory productions. A major or minor in Theater Studies is not required.

Performers of all abilities, gender identities, ages, ethnic and racial histories, and socio-economic backgrounds are encouraged to attend.

2023-2024 Season

Theater Emory 2023-2024 Season

Auditions for fall 2023 productions will be held April 15-17, 2023.
Auditions for Fall 2023 Productions of

Lost Girl and Blood Wedding 

We invite student actors of all experience levels. Beginners welcome! 

Seeking:Performers of all abilities, gender identities, ages, body types, ethnic and racial histories, socio-economic backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to attend. 


  • LOST GIRL, written and directed by Kimberly BelflowerBio here 
  • BLOOD WEDDING byFederico García Lorca, Translated by: Langston Hughes, Adapted by: Melia Bensussen. Directed by Lee Osorio Bio here 
  • See below/scroll down for project-specific information and descriptions. 

AUDITIONS DATES:   Saturday, APRIL 15—10 am.-6 pm  (NON-UNION PROS & STUDENTS) & Sunday, APRIL 16—10 am.-2 pm  (EMORY STUDENTS ONLY) 

LOCATION: Rich Memorial Bldg., Room 210, Emory University Campus  


  • Sign-up for an 8-minute time slot through Sign-up Genius at this link: 


  • Prepare a contemporary mid 20th century to current monologue of one to two minutes in length. You may perform a monologue of your choice or access one at Theater Emory’s online bank: Monologues will also be available to you at the auditions and in advance in the Student Lounge in the Rich Memorial Building on the 2nd floor.  Memorization preferred but not required. If you do not have a monologue prepared, there will be monologues available to you at the auditions and in the Student Lounge in the Rich Memorial Building on the 2nd floor. 
  • Submit a Google Audition Form via this link: 
  • Do your best to complete the audition form before the audition day. Forms will be available for you to complete at the auditions, too, just in case.   
  • Attach a headshot and resume if you have one. If not, include a note about your acting experience AND a nice selfie where we can clearly see your face and personality. No need to be fancy—pick a photo that looks like your everyday self.    
  • Audition Sign Up 


LOST GIRL: Sunday, APRIL 16—4 pm.-7 pm. (RICH BLDG., ROOM 210) *Please note if you audition on Sunday, April 16 and are called back for Lost Girl, then you will need to return Sunday afternoon/early evening for callbacks (the same day), if available. 


Monday, APRIL 17—6:30 pm.-9:30 pm. (SCHWARTZ CENTER THEATER LAB);  

Movement call will be at 8:30 pm. 

Actors called back would likely be needed for a 60-90 minute appointment – possibly a bit more. If auditioning for both productions please indicate your availability on both days.  


Theater Emory productions typically rehearse a 5-day week with Sundays and Mondays off. Rehearsals can happen Tuesday-Friday, between 6 pm.-10 pm., and Saturdays from 10 am.-7 pm., however actors will not be called for every rehearsal, and each production will have different days and rehearsal hours within those times listed above based on the needs of the production. Please see the show-specific schedules for more information. We schedule rehearsals around your class/work conflicts as much as possible however, as we near performance dates there is little flexibility and actors must make themselves fully available to rehearse.  



Emory students can receive credit (1-3 credits depending on production and level of participation) for participating in Theater Emory productions. Students cast in either production will be automatically enrolled in 320R for credit, unless they opt out in writing. Additional details will be sent when cast. 

Join the Student Creative Team! 

*In addition to auditions for the cast, we are very interested in hearing from you if you are interested in any design and/or technical or production roles for either of these projects!  

Students interested in joining the Lost Girl and Blood Wedding creative teams can complete a form to indicate areas of interest. 

  • For Lost  
  • For Blood Wedding –form and available positions are forthcoming. Please contact Rosalind Staib at if you are interested in a production-based role for Blood Wedding. 

These positions will work in collaboration with a faculty advisor and will be available for course credit through THEA 397R. 

 Audition Questions: Send email to 

Casting Coordinator: Rosalind Staib, 



  1. Lost Girl by Kimberly Belflower

 Performances: September 21-October 1, 2023; Sept. 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, 29, & 30 at 7:30 pm.; Sept. 24 & Oct. 1 at 2 pm.  

Director: Kimberly Belflower  

First rehearsal:Tuesday, August 22, 2023  

Performances: Location/venue: Theater Lab, Schwartz Center for Performing Arts   

Overview/Description:What became of Wendy Darling in the years following her adventures with Peter Pan? Long after returning from Neverland, Wendy decides that she must find Peter in order to reclaim her kiss and move on with her life. Along the way, she meets other girls who went to Neverland and learns she is not alone. A coming-of-age exploration of first love and lasting loss, Lost Girl continues the story of J.M. Barrie's beloved character — the girl who had to grow up.  

Cast Size: 12 Actors; all-student cast  

** All gender identities, ethnicities, body types, and abilities encouraged to audition.There may be understudies for this production and potentially a double-cast Wendy; each understudy will have at least one guaranteed performance. 

The following roles should be doubled: Cora/A, Callie/B, Krista/C, Curly/Doctor, Nibs/Detective, Toodles/Therapist 

**PLEASE NOTE:Gender presentation is noted, but casting non-binary and trans people in these roles is encouraged. Lost Boys, especially, need not be played by cisgender men. All people will be considered for all roles. 

Character Breakdown: 

Wendy, F, 18-22: The protagonist, full of melancholy, longing, and hope, with an undercurrent of tough determination.  

Peter, M, 18-22: Charismatic in a soft, sneaky way. He’s not the bad guy. He has a side of the story just as complicated as Wendy’s.  

A, B, C, D; 18-22: Female chorus, different versions of Wendy – memories distorted through time, other girls who went to Neverland.  

Mother, F, 40s: Wendy’s mother, tired but patient  

Cora, F, 18-22: Another girl who went to Neverland,   

Callie, F, 18-22: Another girl who went to Neverland, Romantic, but self-aware.  

Nina, F, 18: Researching girls who were taken to Neverland and trying to interview Wendy. Sweet. Comes across as fragile and even a bit ditzy, but she knows what she wants and how to get it.  

Slightly, M, 18-22: A Lost Boy who returned from Neverland with Wendy and is in love with her. Brooding, kind, and fiercely loyal.  

Toodles, M, 18-22: A Lost Boy who returned from Neverland with Wendy. Silly and sincere.  

Nibs, M, 18-22: A Lost Boy who returned from Neverland with Wendy. Logical. Acerbic.  

Curly, M, 18-22: A Lost Boy who returned from Neverland with Wendy. Laidback and observant.  

Detective, M, 30s/40s: The detective assigned to Wendy and her siblings’ case when they initially disappeared. Single-minded but always on the edge of defeat.  

Therapist, M, 30s/40s: Wendy’s therapist. Trying his best  

Doctor, M, 30s/40s: Wendy’s doctor. Even-tempered.  

Boy, M, 18-25: Has a brief romance with Wendy but feels unable to connect with her due to her preoccupation with Peter. Quiet confidence.  


  1. 2. BLOOD WEDDING byFederico García Lorca, Translated by: Langston Hughes, Adapted by: Melia Bensussen

Performances: November 9-19, 2023; Nov. 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, & 17 at 7:30 pm.; Nov. 12 & 19 at 2 pm.  

Director: Lee Osorio 

First rehearsal:Tuesday, October 10, 2023  

Performances: Location/venue: Mary Gray Munroe Theater, AMUC, Emory Campus  

Overview/Description: In a small rural, and semi-mythical area in Spain, an arranged country marriage between the children of rich landowners is about to take place. However, unbeknownst to the groom---- the bride is secretly in love with someone else. On the wedding day as guests start arriving, the bride struggles with the inner turmoil of her conflicted heart. Can she be content in her choice of groom, or will she inevitably be pulled to her other love, the enemy’s son? As tensions rise, secrets are revealed, and choices are made that create chaos and havoc on the wedding day. Will the bride and groom end up together? Will the enemy prevail? How much blood will be spilled, and is it fate or chance?  

Cast Size: 10-14 Actors; we expect 3-4 professional actors to join the cast, however, students will be considered for all roles  

** All gender identities, ethnicities, body types, and abilities encouraged to audition. 

Character Breakdown: 

Bride, 20’s, Strong, passionate, desperate, dutiful at times, feels the burden of her secret. A rich man’s daughter who was engaged to Leonardo some years ago, but the engagement was broken off for financial reasons. Now engaged to the Bridegroom.  

Bridegroom, 20s,Ready smile and an open heart. Wealthy   

Mother, 40+, Bridegroom’s mother. A widow whose husband and older son were both murdered by members of Leonardo’s family. She has reservations about the upcoming wedding.   

Leonardo,20s-30s, Leonardo has been married for two years, however, has never stopped loving the Bride, to whom he was once engaged.   

Leonardo’s Wife, 20s-30s, Married to Leonardo for two years, they have a baby and another child on the way. Cares deeply for her spouse.  

Leonardo’s Mother-in-Law, 40+, Her husband left her, and she fears the same fate awaits her daughter. Lives with her daughter and Leonardo and helps them to take care of their young son.  

Father, 40+, Father to the Bride. Landowner, but not excessively wealthy. His wife has been dead several years, although it is rumored that she did not love him even when she was alive. He brought their daughter up alone.   

Servant/Maid, 40+, A long-time family servant. The Bride’s Maid. She is aware of what is happening in the Bride’s house. She can be excitable, stern, romantic, bawdy, cutting, clever, and protective.  

Neighbor, 40+, A kind neighbor who appears to be Mother's best friend, dropping by her house to share news and gossip, and accompanying her after she hears of the Bridegroom's death.  

Guest, 20s-30s,A bit of a bumbling wedding guest on the Father’s side, keen to get involved but somehow always slightly behind the times.   

First Youth, 20s-30s, The Best Man to the Bridegroom. Full of energy and bon viveur, he makes the stage come alive whenever he’s in a scene. He’s the first to get the party started. He’s also incredibly loyal.   

3 Young Women, teens-20s, Individual, paired, or groups of young girls appear at various points in Blood Wedding. Their function is usually to lyrically accompany or comment on action; like the Woodcutters, then, they are like a chorus.   

3 Woodcutters, teens-20s, Like the young women in the play, the Woodcutters function like a chorus, that is, characters who are peripheral to the main action but who comment on it. (Double as young men)   

Moon, 20s, The Moon appears to look forward to the culmination of events, the bloody conclusion to the hunt for the fleeing lovers. The Moon enters the final act of the play craving tragedy.   

Beggar Woman, age 50+, She is Death. The Beggar Woman speaks directly to the Moon and hopes for violent, horrible deaths for Leonardo and the Bridegroom. She seems to predict that they will murder each other and brings tidings of the events to the town girls the next day.