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The Playwriting Center

About The Playwriting Center

The Playwriting Center is an initiative of Theater Emory and creates opportunities, at Emory University, where established and emerging writers choose to bring their growing plays for creative nurturance and support.

For over thirty years, The Playwriting Center of Theater Emory has focused on new play initiatives, based on the belief that these efforts enrich not only the play scripts themselves but all those who choose to engage with them.

The Playwriting Center helped initiate and now enthusiastically supports both the Emory Playwriting Fellowship and the Academic Joint Major in Playwriting through Theater Studies.

Brave New Works 2021


Earth Matters on Stage (EMOS) was founded by Theresa May and Larry Fried in 2004. EMOS is a consortium of artists, educators, activists, and scholars who believe that theatre and the performing arts must respond to the environmental crisis. EMOS calls forth and fosters new dramatic work and performances that help us re-imagine our human place in a more-than-human world. At the heart of EMOS is the Ecodrama New Play Contest, which calls playwrights and theatre-makers to engage in the global and local ecological issues that face societies across cultures. The concurrent EMOS Symposium fosters dialogue about the intersection of environment, culture, and performance.

EMOS Playwriting Festival 2022, will be hosted by Emory University, Theater Emory, and The Playwriting Center of Theater Emory. The deadline for script submissions is August 21, 2021. The Festival will be presented fall 2022. The concurrent EMOS Symposium will be hosted by Theater Studies.

Recent Works

Brave New Works

Rosalind Sullivan-Lovett's one-act play Henry Darger Takes a Walk, recently staged at Emory as part of Brave New Works 2018, has won the Tennessee Williams Festival in New Orleans, an annual literary event held in the French Quarter, attended by writers and readers from across the country. The play contest winner receives a professional staged reading at the festival, publication in Bayou magazine, and a cash prize. Henry Darger Takes a Walk originated in an advanced playwriting workshop at Emory and was further developed through a Playwriting Center of Theater Emory Fellowship. Roz is a recent graduate in Theater Studies and Creative Writing. 

Brave New Works


4 Plays, 2 Days, Infinite Possibilities

Inspired by Paula Vogel’s 4:48 is a creative sprint to the finish. Four playwrights lock themselves away for two days of furious writing, at the end of which they’ll have four brand new plays all based around the same source material, all incorporating 5 shared story elements.

This project was developed and is produced by the Playwriting Center of Theater Emory, with initial funding from the Breaking Ground Project. 4:48 x 2018 is being produced in partnership with Emory’s Center for the Study of Human Health.

4:48 Archive

4:48 on Tumblr