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Undergraduate Opportunities

Undergraduate research — like learning communities, internships, and service-learning — is considered a high-impact practice because of its positive effect on student learning and success.

Undergraduate Research

Traditional Research and Creative Projects

Undergraduate research can be what happens inside or outside the classroom. Along with traditional research projects, our students are involved in all sorts of creative projects in the Emory community. Designing costumes for a Theater Emory show, directing a Student Theater musical, or writing and producing your own work can all be considered undergraduate research.

Theater Studies faculty encourage majors to pursue these learning opportunities, especially those offered through Emory College's Undergraduate Research Programs.

Undergraduate Research Programs provides substantial resources and opportunities for undergraduates interested in research:

  • Independent Research Grants support research and scholarly projects by undergraduate students. Grants are awarded to students in any field of the Arts and Sciences.
  • Summer Research Grants support summer research and provide campus housing at no charge and an expense stipend.


An internship is a closely supervised, short-term work and career development experience integrated into a student's education. Internships can occur during the summer or the academic year, be full-time or part-time, paid or unpaid, and in a variety of career fields and geographical locations.

Our program will help match students to internships that align with their academic and professional goals. Internships are a great opportunity to develop and practice professional skills while building a network of professional contacts.

Over the last year, our program successfully matched 6 students with internships at the Alliance Theatre, Out of Hand Theater, and True Colors.

In previous years, our students have interned locally at the Alliance Theatre, The Center for Puppetry Arts, Georgia Shakespeare, Horizon Theatre Company, Theatrical Outfit, Synchronicity Theatre, Out Of Hand Theater, and CNN. Others have done summer internships in New York (at theaters and casting agencies), Los Angeles (Green Hat Films, New School Media, Silver Pictures, etc.), Massachusetts (in Boston and at the Williamstown Theater Festival), Virginia, Texas, New Jersey, and more locations across the country.

For more information on our internship matching process, you can contact Caitlin Hargraves, our Director of Undergraduate Studies.