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Honors Program

Our program maintains an Honors program for select, advanced students. This program allows qualified senior majors in Theater the privilege to design and pursue a substantial independent research project under faculty supervision. "Research" can be defined as traditional scholarship, or as artistic research in the form of a design, directing, acting, administration, technical theater, or applied theater project.

Students who are granted the opportunity to work on an Honors project or thesis are selected because they have demonstrated that they are gifted, hard-working, disciplined, and passionate about theater. They must be self-motivated, proactive, and able to dedicate the significant time and energy needed to complete all components of the year-long Honors process.

The College Honors Program provides Emory's equivalent of "Latin honors" (cum laude, summa cum laude, etc.). In addition to their own personal accomplishment, successful Honors candidates are celebrated at a special graduation ceremony and enjoy Honors commendation on their diplomas and future resumés.


Theater Studies majors with a 3.7 or higher GPA may apply to seek Honors in Theater.

An Honors candidate in Theater must be a Theater Studies major. Double-majoring seniors may only pursue Honors in one major; a project that unites a student's interest in both majors must still be undertaken within a single department. Please note that students may pursue honors in only one major or joint major.

If a student’s GPA is below 3.7, they may petition for an exception to the honors GPA requirement to the Theater Studies Academic Procedures Committee; if approved by the Committee, their petition can go on to the College Honors Council. Contact Carlee Beard at for more information about the petitioning process and application form. Another alternative would be to apply for Advanced Directed Independent Study (see the course catalog, Theater Studies 497R).