Current Program

October 23-November 11, 2018
Theater Emory Fall Repertory Featuring:

"The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity" by Kristopher Diaz
"We Are Proud to Present..." by Jackie Sibblies Drury
"The Moors" by Jen Silverman
Mary Gray Munroe Theater
2018-19 Season

Theater Emory, the professional company in residence at Emory, produces a wide range of drama, from classics with a fresh approach to innovative new work. It enables our liberal arts undergraduates to work with professional directors, actors, designers, playwrights, dramaturgs, choreographers, composers, music directors and stage managers. Theater Emory poses questions, challenges assumptions, and examines values in search of lasting truths: that is the inspiration for its artistic research and theatrical experiments in productions, workshops and readings.

Theater Emory is affiliated with the Department of Theater and Dance, for which it is the producing organization. It is a member of the Atlanta Coalition of Performing Arts and operates under a season agreement with Actors’ Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers in the United States.


Brent Glenn, artistic director
Rosalind Staib, managing director
Lisa Paulsen, director of the Playwriting Center of Theater Emory
Robert Schultz, production stage manager
Meghan Truhett, company manager & marketing coordinator
Doris Muellner, finance specialist
Aaron Mayer, technical director
Malina Rodriguez, assistant technical director
Amanda Whitfield, costume shop manager
Meredith Payne Albert, master electrician/sound engineer
Cynthia Church, costume shop assistant
Leslie Taylor, resident set & costume designer
Brent Glenn, resident lighting & sound designer
Sara Culpepper, resident set designer & scenic artist
Michael Evenden, resident dramaturg
John Ammerman, Lisa Paulsen, resident actors/directors
Jiréh Breon Holder, playwriting fellow


Leslie Taylor, executive director, CCA
Candy Tate, assistant director, CCA
Nicholas Surbey, communications manager, CCA
Emma Yarbrough, communications specialist, CCA
Maggie Beker, arts associate, CCA
Stephanie Patton Butler, box office manager, Arts at Emory
Cassie Roberts, assistant box office manager, Arts at Emory
Box Office: 404.727.5050 • Business Office: 404.727.0524



Marketing Assistant: Kayla Fallick‡

Student Production Assistants: Jay  Brunner‡, Blue Flowers, Ania Korpanty, Drew Mindell, Hanna Wagner

Deck Chief: Adam Friedman‡

Jordan Anschutz
Bret Brammer†
Christopher Chambers†
May Chen
Sanim Choudhury
Jane Foley Garver†
Adam Friedman‡
Francisco González
Xiomara Fernandez
Sarah Hunter
Ben Lefkowitz
Jonesia Smith-Williams†
Derek Zoock

Set Construction Crew:
Frances Aldana
Gabrielle Bodet
Jay Brunner‡
Kayla Fallick
Rose Feng
Paul Joseph Tholath
Herin Kim
Ramona Li‡
Matthew Nails
Karen Nguyen
Robyn Smith
Emily Yun

Live Video Operator: Jessica Le-McKeown‡ (Chad Deity)

Light Board Operators:
Gabrielle Bodet (The Moors)
Ayana Dickens (We Are Proud to Present)
Cleo He (Chad Deity)

Sound Board Operators:
Keiyitho Omonuwa (The Moors)
Yipei Shao (Chad Deity)
Samsara Upadhya (We Are Proud to Present)

Lighting and Sound Technicians:
Jaden Bouguyon
Andrew An
Maggie Higginbotham‡

Properties & Paint Crew:
Alivia Burdette
Josh Oberlander‡
Ana Vasquez
Jess Winer

Draper: Cole Spivia†

Stitchers: Lily Bowman, Adrian Pantry†, Darby Rosenberger

Wardrobe Head: Elizabeth Willett

Costume Shop Volunteer: Kuangran Shen


Clair Li (Chad Deity)

Kuangran Shen (The Moors)

Jessica Le-McKeown‡, Samuel Oppenheim (We Are Proud to Present)

House Manager: Carl Kubilus†

Assistant House Manager: Nathan Snyder

Box Office Assistants:
Katalia Alexander
Gabrielle Bodet
Aaliyah Heyward
Hadiya Johnson
Reiko Laski
Julybeth Murillo
Savannah Ramsey
Sylvia Ware
DaQuon Wilson

Office Assistants: Abrianna Belvedere, Chloe Hylkema, Nathan Snyder, Renata Rivera, Meg Walters

Student Photographer: June Kwon

Student Videographer: Ruya Karakaya

Graphic Designer: R.M. Spaugh† of HammerHead Design, Inc., Atlanta

† A professional artist or member of the Emory faculty or staff
‡ A member of Alpha Psi Omega, the national theater honor society


The Friends of Theater at Emory are committed to the importance of quality theatrical productions on the Emory University campus. They build community support for Theater Emory through education, fundraising, and special events.


Kirstin Popper, President
Leonard Pallats, Vice President
Jordan Flowers, Secretary
Blake Covington
Heidi Howard
Myke Johns
Rod Lindsey
Kerri Sauer
Brian Tolleson

Brent Glenn, ex-officio
Rosalind Staib, ex-officio
Lisa Paulsen, ex-officio



Dr. Michael Frederick Lubin


Kristen Gwock & Jordan Samuel Silton
Coca-Cola Matching Gift Program
Leonard Pallats

PATRONS ($300)

Anne Stainback & Paul Barton Davis, Jr.
Ainsley M. & John W. Sadlo
Regina Troxell
Donna K. & Thomas A. McClish


Zahava & Frank E. Berkowitz
Emma Jane Cozzens Calabrese
Regina & Michael Elias
Emily Jordan Flowers
Lane R. Frostbaum
Barry B. Kendall
Laura Elizabeth McMaster
Brooke Meredith Nathan
Robin White & Ruel Vasquez Oquindo
Kirstin Danielle Popper
Lisa Ann Paulsen
Molly K. Shepherd
Alisha Jenay Blanding
Lucy Ellen Davidon
Wanda Wei-Na Yang Temko
Gavin Wallace Porter
Yao Porter
Robert Cohen
M. Sean Kilpatrick
Patricia Anne Miller
Danielle Mindess
David Bailey Pratt
Jan McCleary Saral
Rein Saral
Leslie M. Taylor
Sarah Ambro & Jonathan Perry
Rosalind Elizabeth Staib
Alison Dukes Gilmore
Joel Gilmore
Lori C. & Mark Edward Teague
Michael A. Elliott
Jennifer W. Mathews
Aaron M. Smith
Brian O. Tolleson


Aliy Mirza Ahmed
Joseph William O’Geen, Jr.
Mitchell Amstutz
Rachel Leah Rauscher
Ronald Vincent Alexander Peet
Laurel  Eva & Oren Goldberg
Jacob Aaron Krakovsky
Marissa Paige Lambert
Jennifer Kreisman & Adam Keith Max
Fonda D. & Kenneth B. Morrison
Katharine Stearns Johnsen
Kieran Barnett Moore
Sally Anne Radell
Bernice & David Scott Cohen
Leigh Katherine Davis
Eduardo Escarciga
Yujie Guo
Eleanor Graham Hand
Gillian Rebecca Kramer
Anne Kristen Maxwell
Angela Harrison Preston
Andre T. Turner
Union Pacific Fund
June & James W. Wulff
Shleton Lawrence Abramson
Jane Elizabeth Tavelli Farrington
Laura Jones & John B. Hardman
David B. Robinson
Dwight D. Vaught
Jessica Yael Levis
Rachel Lyle Miller-Crews

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Panelists for "The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity" Talk Back November 4th following the matinee performance:

Lydia Fort, Assistant Professor of Theater Studies and Resident Director of Theater Emory, Emory University
Daniel Mathewson, Wofford College, Spartanburg, S.C., founding member of the Professional Wrestling Studies Association
Lindsay Livingston, Visiting Fellow of Emory’s James Weldon Johnson Institute for the Study of Race and Difference
Jeremiah Favara, Visiting Fellow of Emory’s James Weldon Johnson Institute for the Study of Race and Difference
Michael Evenden, Professor of Theater Studies and Resident Dramaturg of Theater Emory, Emory University
Panel with audience discussion.