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Global Perspectives: A Festival from Pinter to Rivera

Theater Emory is the resident professional company where undergraduates work alongside professional theater artists, producing classics with a fresh approach and innovative new work.

September - November, 2014

Pinter Fest

Complete schedule of Pinter Visions: A Symposium, the Pinter Staged Reading Series, film screenings, productions and other related events

October 2-11, 2014

Pinter Revue

Sketch comedy in the British tradition, Pinter Revue is a collection of short works spanning more than thirty years of Pinter's career, from Trouble in the Works (1959) to New World Order (1991). Mountain Language (1988), a play about state terrorism, is described by Pinter as a "series of short, sharp images" exploring "suppression of language and the loss of freedom of expression." Pinter Revue contains strong language.

Theater Lab, Schwartz Center for Performing Arts

October 31-November 9, 2014

A Pinter Kaleidoscope

An immersive confrontation with the comedic menace of Harold Pinter.  The audience encounters Pinter’s dystopian nirvana by moving through various locations within the theater space.  From his first play, The Room, to the totalitarian nightmare One for the Road, this devised theater event also features portions of The Birthday Party, The Hothouse, The Caretaker, and other plays, poems and speeches. A Pinter Kaleidoscope contains mature content, strong language and sexually violent imagery.

Mary Gray Munroe Theater, Dobbs University Center

- A Directive from the Minister of Culture -

Greetings, fellow art lovers! Welcome to A Pinter Kaleidoscope, a tour through one of our most dramatic installations. The denizens of our happy society look forward to welcoming you with open hearts and minds. They are making miraculous progress and are finally ready to be observed, albeit briefly, by a like-minded citizenry. Be prepared: This tour will take you to areas you have never been in a theater. Led by the zealous Poets of Government from Article 19, you will be standing and walking for 75 minutes over stages, stairs, hallways, lost rooms and the outdoors; you will be plunged into darkness and blinded by brightest light; you will hear the coarsest of language and witness the horrors that befall those who stray from the path of cultural obligation. You must show up ten minutes before showtime for lineup and group assignments. Those who are tardy, sadly, will be left behind. It is all part of the new education for, under our philosophy, he that is lost…is found. Welcome to the New State.

With Regards,

Minister of Culture

January 27-February 15, 2015

Global Voices: Spring Staged Readings

Theater Lab, Schwartz Center for Performing Arts

Theater Emory celebrates the fresh perspectives of thirteen playwrights from our culturally diverse theater community.  Guest writers, directors and performers explore how we view our history, identity, personal relationships and writing for the 21st century.  

Free; reservations requested.

April 2-12, 2015


Rivera’s urban fantasia is set in post-apocalyptic New York. Marisol Perez’ world is in social upheaval because of a senile, inattentive God. This magical and highly charged comic play proposes a new world order of liberation and hope. Rivera is a recipient of two OBIE awards and an OSCAR nomination for his screenplay, The Motorcycle Diaries.

Mary Gray Munroe Theater, Dobbs University Center