Progress Report in pursuits for Anti-racism, Equity, and Inclusion
at Theater At Emory

The Department of Theater Studies and Theater Emory recognizes that many organizations, including theaters and higher education institutions, have made statements and announced plans related to anti-racism efforts in their communities. We are grateful to these organizations for changing the theater culture for all artists, and we are learning from their words and actions.
We recognize the depth of work we must do internally before making a meaningful and actionable public statement of our own. We know too that "we" are not a monolith. In (writing and) speaking to you, we represent the many voices among our faculty and staff who are engaged in this work, knowing full well that we're all at different places in our journeys. Many of us have been complicit or active in harmful behaviors and need to earn your trust.  
Though we are a work in progress, we are committed to the work of anti-racism in our organization. We are working to educate ourselves and take cues from BIPOC-led organizations, such as the Coalition for Racial Equity in Atlanta Theatre, We See You White American Theatre and Emory Black Student Alliance. We invite input on how we can best foster an inclusive environment for all students, staff, professionals, and faculty in our community. 
We're currently meeting weekly to have targeted conversations and to create concrete steps toward lasting change. 
In the coming months, we will be providing regular "progress reports" and inviting students and alumni to be a part of this necessary work. We are eager to learn from and alongside you.

Lisa Paulsen
Lizzy Clements
Cassie Roberts
Sara Culpepper
Kimberly Belflower
Meghan Truhett
January LaVoy
John Ammerman
Caitlin Hargraves
Rosalind Staib
Mary Lynn Owen
Leslie Taylor
Amanda Whitfield
Malina Rodriguez
Nick Fesette, Oxford Campus