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Welcome to Theater Emory

Producing classics with a fresh approach and innovative new work.

Theater Emory is the resident professional company where undergraduates work alongside professional theater artists in an atmosphere that is adventurous and intellectually stimulating. Students have the benefit of collaborating with professional directors, playwrights, actors, dramaturgs, technicians, designers and stage managers, including the core faculty. Professionals, in turn, are given the inspiring experience to work in an atmosphere that values research, taking risks and the time to create bold and multi-layered theater. Theater Emory encourages students and all artists to reimagine theater rather than simply to fit themselves into existing models. We believe in a process that deepens the connection between the artists and the work and engages the audience with theater that is courageous and full of life.

There are many forms and levels of involvement available. Any student may audition, regardless of major, academic year, or prior experience, or may join in the design, technical, management, or research aspects of Theater Emory productions. For many projects, students can also earn academic credit. We encourage our students to deepen their exploration in the areas of theater that interest them, but also to challenge themselves in less familiar areas of study. Our goal is to develop theater artists who are passionate, informed and excited about creating theater that is transformative.

Janice Akers, Artistic Director
Theater Emory

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